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Did you need something?
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I feel sousuke on a spiritual level


Accidentally drew a murder scene.  Anyway, Free! is great and Gou is my favorite. 

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Bloodborne - 3/?

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Physically accurate fanservice with gorgeous animation is the best.

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Resident Evil Remastered: Trailer 1





Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.


that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again


Finally a book asking the real questions behind SnK.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Kuso Kagaku Dokuhan (空想科学読本) will be releasing this little gem on August 8th.  The book will contain 208 pages and answer some of the questions that you never thought you wanted to know until now.  Some of the questions/answers to be found are:

  • Did you know Eren’s punch (in titan form) is 6,561 times as powerful as an average human?
  • The laborers who worked on Walls Maria, Rose, and Sina had to carry 60,000 tons of stone every day in order to complete them in the given time frame.
  • If an amateur used 3DMG and lost control, they would plunge to the ground at a speed of 78 kilometres an hour (48 MPH).
  • A 60 meter class titan has a body temperature of 602 degrees.
  • In 2014 the only human being alive that could successfully outrun a 4 meter titan is Usain Bolt (Jamacian Olympic sprinter).

Other questions of note are ‘Why do Titans come from the south only?,’ ‘WTF is up with Levi’s super strength?!,’ and of course the ever popular ‘SHIT!  A titan is coming, how do I escape?!’

All in all, I think this is going to be one fascinating read.  My roommate and I are not going to be left in the dust when the titans attack. ^^  Pre-order your own copy here!


full version step by step of kaneki

i know though lol at the erase part i was so stressed


hmm i’m not sure just give me a second to think about thi….


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